PARIS 360 VR Panoramic Photography by © Christian Kleiman

Paris Virtual Tour 360 Photo Guide - Impresive Creative Images from emblematic places in Paris - Spherical Panoramic Photography by © Christian Kleiman

The main feature in this type of photography is the total visual coverage that it provides.

Users can browse the photo by moving and dragging the mouse or finger tip around, and in response, the image moves up and down 180 degrees and sideways 360 degrees, offering a complete realistic space of the scene.

Please bear in mind:

The download time of each panoramic view will depend upon the connection quality in between your computer and the Internet.

In some cases, you will have to be patient. But once the scene is fully loaded, you will no longer have to wait next time you access it.

To explore the 360 VR scenes click on the image. Once open just click and drag the photo. You can also explore by pressing the arrows on your keyboard once you have clicked the photo. For mobile platforms, just move the photo with your finger tip. Toggle the Fullscreen mode for a better exploration and be patient while the scene is loading.


–  Winter season – Champ de Mars Garden, Paris – (22 Panos)

–  Children’s corner – Champ de Mars Garden, Paris – (12 Panos)

–  Along the banks of the Seine River, Paris – (15 Panos)

–  Le Jardin d’Acclimatation – Bois de Boulogne, Paris – (13 Panos)

–  Charming apartment for rent in Paris – (Virtual Tour)