Paris Virtual Tour

Paris Virtual Tour is a Photographic Guide made of 360 Sperical Panoramas obtained from the most important places in the city of Paris.

The purpose of this website is to offer High Quality 360 Panoramic Photos, easy to Embed at your Website and into your Posts, and for free,  if it’s for a non commercial project. Click here to know how.

When you are talking about Paris, don’t forget to embed one of these Virtual Scenarios because if one picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 Panoramic Photo, says it All !!

Photographer Christian Kleiman, specialized in the development of this type of Photography and the creation of professional Virtual Tours, shares at this website all of his creative photography made from emblematic places in Paris. Designed and exposed with special filters in order to evoke Paris’s essence that lasts over time… and time.

Click here and find out how these 360 Photographic Scenarios can enrich your publications, commercial projects and advertisement campaigns.