Paris 360 VR Panoramic Photo Guide

Paris Virtual Tour is a Photographic Guide made of 360 VR Spherical Panoramas obtained from the most important places in the city of Paris.

The purpose of this website is to offer high quality 360 VR Photos for your projects

These 360 VR Panoramic Photos are easy to embed at your Website and into your Posts. And for free, if it’s for a non commercial project. Click here to know how.

When you mention Paris, don’t forget to embed one of these Virtual Scenarios because if one picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 Panoramic Photo View, says it All !!

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Paris Virtual Tour 360 Photo Guide - Impresive Creative Images from emblematic places in Paris - Spherical Panoramic Photography by © Christian Kleiman


The Wall for Peace - Winter at Champ de Mars Garden - 360 VR Spherical Panoramic Photography from emblematic places in Paris by © Christian Kleiman

360 VR Pano created in 2014 by © Christian Kleiman

To explore this 360 VR scene click on the image. Once open just click and drag the photo. You can also explore by pressing the arrows on your keyboard once you have clicked the photo. For mobile platforms, just move the photo with your finger tip. Toggle the Fullscreen mode for a better exploration and be patient while the scene is loading.